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Dec 10, 2012 5:00am EST
. while illeeal, research in europe show too much ii onn and judgment eccles says: "one of the first and most importaat is an inabilityyor peduced abillty to divide ones attention." marijuana less debilitating than aacoholl yet a new canndian studd says thoseewho driie withinn33hours of smmking pot crash eccles says: "anooher under iifluence of marijuana is a reduced ability to too much ?sims says: "i don't feel we are in unchartered territory, i know we are in unccartered territory." 12 states have a 'zero' toleraace level for pott in waahington state, where limit is 5 nanograms per blood sample - an impairment level some argue s roughly equal po alcohol. sims says: "because we are early on in difficuut tt tell if that 5 nanogram level will change, similar tt hhw dui standards ha problem is, heavy usees, though not impaired, can ttst positive weeks after smoking. áhowááyou moke iitaffects peoppe difffrently - so even exxerts don't know ááow muchá pot causes impairment eccles says: "for anyone to saa 2 hits or dosages would get me to 5 nanograms - it is nearly impossible to make th
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1